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How we work with you to bring you more customers

We frequently get calls or email inquiries about the cost of a website, logo, brochure or print ad campaign. Our potential customers often reveal an assumption of what communication tools their businesses need and the resulting expectations. Effective marketing strategies, regardless of industry or size of company, are based on accurate information about your market, customers, competitors etc. Only then can a budget and strategy be formulated determining which communication tools will be most effective for the success of your business.

With 28 years of experience helping small and mid-size businesses with their communication needs, Chris Mathan will consult with you to develop marketing and communication strategies for your business. They define how and where to present information about your company to best reach your potential customers and are developed through an understanding of your product or service and your target audience.

Marketing Communication Strategies

Research, analysis and planning based on an in depth look at your industry, competitors, opportunities and budget.

Development of your company logo, images and color themes to be applied to all marketing communications to create a recognizable ‘brand’. Creative concepts that speak to your potential audience and differentiate your product/service from your competitors.

Where best to spend your advertising dollars to reach your target audience: print and electronic media, internet, social media opportunities.

For more information on how The Sportsman’s Cabinet can help your business through consultation and the development of marketing communication strategies, please contact us.